Automated Filter Weighing

Automated Filter Weighing and Data Processing Systems
Guaranteed Compliance: EPA 40 CFR 1065; EPA 40 CFR 1066; Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6; Japan 10-15 +11 Mode / JC08H/C; China SEPA IV (Euro 4); India Bharat Stage IV; Brazil PROCONVE L7-L8. 

AH500 Filter Weighing System

AH500E System

After millions of weighings over 17 years in more than 50 laboratories around the world, MTL has developed a new system that is faster, better and cheaper.

System Key Features
Processing of more sizes of filters, including 15 mm, 25 mm, 37 mm, 47 mm, 70 mm*, and 90 mm*

  • Saves valuable laboratory space with ultra-compact design.
  • Modular design accommodates throughput and compliance requirements.
  • Consumes 75% less energy.
  • Processes ringed and ringless filters in multiple filter sizes (Ø15 mm – Ø47 mm).
  • Automatically tracks either 2D DataMatrix® or unmarked filters by serialized carriers.
  • Integrates with MTL’s extensive Filter Weighing Software (FWS) for complete solution.

Measurement Performance Capability

  • State of the art uncertainties
  • Customizable and standard protocols
  • Quality control with selectable limits
    • Laboratory and field blanks
    • SI Unit Traceable metal standards and check standards
    • Automatic balance precision testing and calibration
    • Automatic retesting of filters upon observed poor repeatability
  • Environmental monitoring
    • Temperature, pressure, and relative humidity;
    • Vibration & Draft (via balance stability)
    • Air Buoyancy Correction
  • Electrostatic Force Elimination options and combinations
    • Faraday Pan
    • α-Particle Emitter
    • Standard Pan with α-Particle Emitter
    • Faraday Pan with α-Particle Emitter


  • System Capacity: up to 600 filters
  • Throughput: up to 30 weighings per hour
  • Balance Compatibility: 1µg and 0.1µg resolution balances (Mettler Toledo and Sartorius)
  • Weighing Repeatability: calibration standard (< =)
    • 0.1 µg System
      • Repeatability on Mass Standard: 0.20 µg k=1
      • Repeatability on Filter: 0.50 µg k=1
    • 1 µg System
      • Repeatability on Mass Standard: 0.8 µg k=1
      • Repeatability on Filter: 1.0 µg k=1
  • Achievable Net Load Uncertainty (k=2; 95% confidence, ISO “Guide to the Expression of Measurement Uncertainty” (GUM))
    • 0.1 µg System: 0.95 µg
    • 1 µg System: 1.5 µg
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Supply
  • Standard Floor Drain
  • Dimensions: 950 mm width x 685 mm depth x 895 mm height (37.325” W x 27” D x 35.25” H)
  • Power
    • 1x 200-230 VAC 60HZ Single Phase 13amp breaker with 2x NEMA L6-20 Receptacles
    • 1x 110VAC 60HZ 13amp breaker with NEMA 5-20r Receptacle

Please see below for more information on our integrated Filter Weighing Software (FWS).
*Customization required, please inquire for more information.

Filter Weighing Software (FWS)

Filter Weighing Software (FWS)

MTL has designed a software solution for the weighing of gravimetric filters, one which manages the entire weighing process. It can be used to operate MTL’s automated weighing system or a manual weighing operation. Having been engineered by weighing scientists, it employs a variety of quality control and methodological features to reduce measurement uncertainty and increased laboratory accuracy.

Environment – The system monitors environmental conditions and raises flags if environmental conditions fall outside of the administrator-set parameters. If preferred, the system can be set to halt weighing completely in the event of environmental non-compliance. When the environment returns to acceptable conditions, it can continue to lock out weighing until the administrator-defined period of equilibration.

Step by Step – The Filter Weighing Software package steps the laboratory technician through the process of weighing a filter, ensuring compliance with regulations as well as best practices. The system can require the weighing of metal standards and reference filters (aka lab blanks) and also require periodic calibration of the balance.

High precision weighing requires attention to detail and to method. Standard weighing, drift-corrected weighing, and substitution weighing are all different methods of using a balance that can help reduce uncertainty. The system can also require the technician to perform multiple weighings of a filter. The software then provides a mean value as well as a standard deviation.

Regulatory Compliance
For engine emissions customers, Filter Weighing Software had been engineered to comply fully with 40 CFR 1065 and WLTP regulations. For those in ambient air quality monitoring, it complies fully with CFR 50, Appendix L as well as Quality Assurance Guidance Document 2.12 and European ambient air regulations.

All weighings are time-stamped with the data used to create them. This includes balance readings, environmental conditions, time of day, operator of system, and more. Data are then stored in an MS SQL™ database, which can generate reports for each filter, which come with all pertinent data and confirmation that quality control procedures have been met. The end result is data with complete documentation to back it up.

Quality Control
Quality control is the foundation of all precision measurement systems. The MTL Filter Weighing Software package has been engineered by metrologists to provide assurance that sound measurement results will stand up under scrutiny. Environmental conditions are checked, reference filters are repeatedly weighed, and laboratory check standards are implemented.

Please note that all automated filter weighing systems come with the software as a standard feature.

Please contact us for more details and pricing.

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